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Denna M. Davis

Disciple of Christ | Speaker | Trainer | Coach | Author


I'm Denna M. Davis.

I'm passionate about four things: Jesus Christ, Transcendent Leadership, Personal Growth, and Books. I'm creative by design. I jumped dutifully into ministry and business ownership, answering The Call to use my God-given talents to bring excellence to creative projects, and to evangelize the Truth of God's Word.

My mission is to Be the Change I Want to See! For every great movement, there is a WHAT, WHY, & HOW.


Agile Nibbles, LLC is my business, and it's What I do. Speaking, training, coaching, and writing is How I do it. But, for me, the most important aspect is my Why. That is 40 Days Higher Ministry, and that is the reason behind every single other thing I do!!


Ministry is more than a passion, it's a calling. I offer support and actionable, faith-based personal development paths to those simply needing extra motivation. I present the Living Truth to combat the lies of depression.



Growth must be intentional! As Founder and CEO of Agile Nibbles, LLC, I offer bite-sized nibbles in the journey to Transcendent Leadership and Personal Growth.​

This service is being Re-Developed.

Keep watching!


I am the Author of three upcoming Non-Fiction Books and the YA Fantasy Epic: Emaji Nation Series. 

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