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Selected Works


My first book, Emaji Nation: The Sparrow was a learning process. I'd not yet mastered Photoshop well enough to produce the covers I saw in my head. So, I paid for the images on the front and back (yes, kinda expensive, but a time saver!), and I fulfilled the layout, fonts, and design myself. I also completed the interior design for all pages and the glossary. 

Mistakes were made, but I've learned an invaluable truth I now share: done is better than perfect!


My second book, Emaji Nation: The Harrow (coming early 2019), is all my design: cover images and interior layouts. I purchased a stock photo (left) and manipulated the image to my desired feel. Everything else was created from scratch. I wanted something dark, because of the subject of the books. However, I can produce softer, lighter covers as well.

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