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Denna M. Davis | About Me

My Testimony


Delivered And Set-Free

I was suicidal. Period. In fact, I attempted suicide twice in my life: first as a teenager, and again as an adult after losing everything I struggled to achieve. God not only set me free from depression but I have been truly delivered from the suicidal mentality, with no recurrence of its gripping hold.

But listen, the enemy doesn't stop because you give your life to Christ. In 2022, I was bitterly challenged again. I encountered my childhood abuser at a restaurant, after my sister's funeral. For months, I unknowingly battled PTSD, stuck in those memories. I was Besieged again. But God never left me, and I prevailed—without ever entertaining suicide!

Now that's growth and true deliverance!!!

What is More Important Than the Harvest?

Commissioned to Help  

In 2018, during my dedicated time of seeking God, a single question was posed to me from my study of Joel:


What is More Important Than the Harvest?

My answer to Jesus is: Nothing! Where God says go, I'll go; what he says do, I'll do; what he gives me to say, will be said with enthusiasm. 

That's when 40 Days Higher Ministry was born. 40 DHM is my commission and commitment!

Woman on Window Sill

Incorruptible Promise

God's word does NOT return void. I'm LIVING proof that no one is beyond help. And believe me, I'm as stubborn as they come. Like Saul (whose relentlessness was transformed into an asset once he became Paul), I'm dedicated to aggressively eradicate the lies of the enemy.

Depression. Is. A. Liar. 

Let's expose those lies to the light and love of Jesus, together.

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