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Denna M. Davis | Resources

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==>PODCAST!!: Checkout the 40DaysHigher podcast. I'll be uploading episodes on a semi-frequently basis! Stay encouraged, and Keep Praying!!

  • Pray, Prey: This is a Spoken Word poem of encouragement. God placed this on my heart in March of 2018 after He poured His Spirit out on me. This is manna from Heaven!​

  • 7 Crucial Tips for Hopefuls After a Suicide Attempt: Someone you love has tried to commit suicide. It's awful, but by God's grace, they're still here. Here are some tips to create a smooth transition to the next step of deliverance, based on my experience and conversations with other Besieged. Of course, the most important step not mentioned is make sure you consult a doctor, counselor, or therapist, as needed.

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