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About Me

I'm Denna M. Davis, an ICAgile Certified Professional Agile Coach (ICP-ACC), and the founder, CEO, and Head Creative for Agile Nibbles, LLC, an initiative started from my decision to Be the Change I Want to See! As a speaker, trainer, and facilitator, through Agile Nibbles, I offer bite-sized nibbles on Transcendent Leadership, Personal Growth, Coaching & Mentoring, and Agile/Scrum Values & Principles.

Below are my services.

Every leader leaves a mark;
whether it’s devotion or disdain
is a matter of
–Denna M. Davis

Training | Coaching

Signature Talks:

  •  Transcendent Leadership: Transcendent Leaders impact your heart because they transcend the boundaries of the word leader. They leave a positive scar, if you will, and their reach is broad. Almost every life they encountered, they touch. So, what makes them so special? Is it simply a matter of charisma?

    • In the 10-Min Lightening Talk, I scratch the surface of a much deeper conversation. You get a glimpse of that 1 secret ingredient that fuels the journey from being "loved in the moment" to stories being told to children! 

    • In the 45/60-Min Talk, I go deeper, exploring the following:

      • What are the effects of uninspired leadership? 

      • What is gained by Inclusive Leadership?

      • How do you measure improvements?

  •  Personal Growth: Using the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth as a foundation, I deliver powerful nibbles on each of the laws. This book by John C. Maxwell has had an overwhelming impact on my life, and I share my stories with these laws in mind. Obviously, there is entirely too much material to cover in one session,  so Talks are usually on 1-2 of the Laws at a time.

Motivation gets you going
Discipline keeps you 
–John C. Maxwell

LnL's (Lunch-n-Learns)

I truly believe in being the change I want to see. With that in mind, I'm aware that not everyone can afford to invest in their personal growth, at present. Therefore, I offer monthly LnL's where I teach on a topic of Transcendent Leadership or Personal growth.

In the LnL group, I generally speak 60-80% of the time, acting as a trainer. Then, the last part of the session is used for discussion. The members of the group (unlimited ppl) use these monthly sessions as an opportunity to grow in knowledge and we discuss how principles can be applied to their lives directly.

*Due to licensing of the material, sessions are NOT recorded.


The Mastermind is a paid group session from 4-10 weeks (depending), which allows in-depth reviews of the material. Generally, I cover the entire book in the 8-10 week sessions, but isolated chapters in the shorter weeks. The cost will be adjusted, accordingly. 

In the Mastermind group, I generally speak 15-20% of the time, acting mostly as a facilitator. The members of the group (3-10 ppl) use the weekly sessions as a time to reflect on the chapters covered for the week and how principles can be applied to their lives directly. The requirement for Masterminds is that you have a copy of the book and read chapters ahead, to allow for deep, intimate discussion. Workbook materials are provided.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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